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Brokers Matter and so does the Technology they use

to connect with their customers
When Servicing families, farms and beyond;
a broker needs to present
the right option at the right time
In a business where keeping one step ahead is critical we're mindful of how the
wrong approach can accelerate already diminishing returns.
The right solution should be easy!
For your staff and for your customers.
Why not do everything better; not just differently?
A Strong Focus
and putting People up front
This technology Elevates the Capacity of Every Member of the Team
in All Departments with a Flexible Implementation to Meet Demand.
The eBroker Platform is
& Best of All
The Simple approach is often Best.
Our solution works on all Major Platforms;
desktop & mobile, and is developed entirely in-house as one package.
eBroker has safely handled Millions of Transactions
both on desktop and mobile over a multi-year development process.
Broker Based Billing allows our price points to come in
Low for Small Brokerages and still offer a competitive scale for larger ones.
There is Nothing that Says
All Features must fit All Brokerages
We find the Personal Needs of the Customer
- particularly in this industry -
Demands a set of Tools Suitable to the Task
Always have the
Tools you Need
without extra options to
Distract and Confuse
Everything Flows Naturally
eBroker makes every situation more
Understandable and Convenient.
Every activity is cataloged and a complete history is just a report away.
eBroker is Results Oriented because it takes a
brokerage's daily workflows and augments them into a
collaboration of cross supporting activities.
Through scenario management, eBroker ensures that the tools.
most relevant to the moment are also closest at hand.
A solution that makes cents.
Fully compatible with any third party software!
The insurance industry requires access to information from
many different sources. We continually expand our services
by adding all API services that brokerages require.
Now that's Low Risk!
eBroker Increases the capacity for a broker
to Leverage Opportunity within their daily work.
The Technology becomes Invisible, Normal;
designed not to interfere with other strategies.
Through a Universal Tool set across all Major Platforms,
the most productive activity happens as a matter of natural course
due to convenient access, leveraging order of operations.
eBroker takes Less Effort to do it the Right Way.
Through scenario management, eBroker ensures the tools
most relevant to the moment are also closest at hand.
Saving Time and Money;
while opening up the customer to new products and services
using technology they are more comfortable with.
eBroker makes Every Situation more
Understandable and Convenient.
Every move is cataloged and a complete history is just a report away.
Accountability is ensured through a robust application of oversight
based on broker results
eBroker is Results Oriented because it takes a brokerages Current Scenarios and
augments them into a collaboration of cross supporting activity.
Reducing Waste while Improving Outcomes and keeping Complex Situations
Manageable by regular brokers with the common sense their customers expect.
eBroker provides a
World of Information
through a clear
& intuitive interface
they can Access 24/7
Being connected to a customer is only half the battle.
Everything they need to make decisions about policies
and broker services, past or present is at their fingertips.
Transforming a vague relationship into a reliable partnership.
eBroker is an Elevated Application of what brokers do every day.
Whether it's Mobile or Desktop or at the Front Desk at a broker location,
eBroker facilitates the entire range of scenarios that:
Grow Market Share with Better Service
Identify Weak Points
Earn Revenue
Give your customers the ability to easily:
Purchase New Policies
Communicate with Brokers
Ready to
get started?
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Regina, SK
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